Book: "E-Wheel™ – The New Generation of Pedal Electric Cycles (Pedelecs): An Integrated Electric Wheel based on all-in-one idea", Anchor Academic Publishing, an imprint of Diplomica Verlag GmbH, Hamburg, Germany (July 2015). Available on worldwide bookshops.

Conference paper: Phuoc Nguyen, Le Khanh Dien, "Design and Prototyping Methods for E-Wheel™ – The New Generation of Pedal Electric Cycles (Pedelecs)", 9th South East Asian Technical University Consortium (SEATUC) Symposium (July 2015), pp. 298-301, 2186-7631.

Sponsorship: Two months license of JMAG® software package by JSOL Corporation, Japan for 3D advanced electromechanical analysis for BLDC motor of the E-Wheel™ (July 2014). The result was presented in internal report to New System Vietnam and JSOL Corporation, Japan (September 2014) and the book above, pp. 46-47.

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Media presence: (1) Huy Dang, "Lexus Design Award 2018", Esquire Vietnam, (October 2017); (2) My Anh, "Vietnamese designers win Lexus Design Award finalists", VnExpress, (May 2018).