Hi. I am Phuoc Nguyen, an engineering-based designer, from Vietnam.
Warmest welcome you are here!

Currently, I am supporting some ambitious startups while pursuing to set up my own design lab. So, I am very happy to take onboard new projects, collaborations, licenses or other challenges if you find this interesting and innovative.

My daily agendas starts early every morning at a quiet and minimal workspace. I also spend sometimes going out, finding somewhere to settle down and have a cup of coffee, especially interested in the motion of things and the way people react to them... just then, jotting down any spark of ideas in my handy travel companion, the notebook.

In my opinion, good design is the combining both art, tech and science; it makes our lives better, enhancing the beauty and utility of everyday things, and often draws you in with its beguiling charm. And of course, you never tired of seeing good design because it never ceases to surprise you.

In addition to the form, I prefer to play with materials. With me, material is the key to defines how the design takes shape, how it makes sense and also how people perceive it. There is always wonderful to design whatever I can imagine and turn them into functioning objects.

For more information, please take a tour on my site or just refer my CV. Or if you would like to meet to discuss design, let's have a cup of coffee!