E-Wheel™ complete assembly (rendering image)

E-Wheel™ complete assembly (rendering image)


An integrated electric wheel based on all-in-one idea. With the increasing demand for eco-friendly mobility transportation, E-Wheel™ offer an improved quality of pedaling to everybody. There were convincing evidences for E-Wheel™ that was very useful and accepted by ubiquitous community, especially since E-Wheel™ has had some initial successes, design awards and feedback from entire the world.
However, under certain circumstances, it seems not possible for me to realise the prototype and bring this design to the market personally. So I decided to share what I have done throughout the years via final thesis. It was published by Diplomica Verlag GmbH, Germany and sold worldwide (Amazon, Google Books,…). And I really hope that E-Wheel™ will be put on the road and received comment from communities in the near future.
At this point, some familiar designs were announced, and all-in-one electric bike wheel is becoming an entirely new development trend.


For many, at first glance the pedelec is simply a bicycle with some additional electrics. For the cycle industry, the design opportunities are first limited by the reference to the fundamental “bicycle” concept, and second by the technical options available for production. However, I feel the pedelec is much more than that, at least, from the viewpoint of a Designer. It is not only a form of transportation but also it is an expression of the status and lifestyle of their owners. Therefore, why it is built like a conventional bike – but with a motor? Why we do not shift to a new level! 

With the new cutting edge of design pedal electric cycle (pedelec) –  E-Wheel™ will give the rider new experiments when pedalling. The designs of E-Wheel™ are integrated all of the mechanical and electrical components in a hub very elegantly and be fitted as a kit to almost any conceivable bike. The core objective remained unchanged.

It is not only unique and eco-friendly but also very lightweight. E-Wheel™ is integrated ALL-IN-ONE: include 250W electric motor, 36V - 8.9Ah - 320Wh lithium-ion battery, electrics drive and so on. E-Wheel™ can run up to 60km on one full charged and the maximum speed is 25 km/h. E-Wheel™ has the wireless technology for remote control and battery charge. You can control E-Wheel™ by your mobile phone (or control console).

E-Wheel™, a multi-award-winning patented design, stands for Integrated Electric Wheel. E-Wheel™ is not just a redesigning of common pedelecs, however, E-Wheel™ and the others will be playing on ever more significant role in our everyday mobility with very positive “support effect” for urban transportation.

Design and development processes

Design and development processes

Detail CAD data and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) model for both electromechanical and structure analysis are presented in this work and those show that the E-Wheel™ will be take advantage of conventional electric bicycles (e-bikes) or common pedelecs.

Besides, the apply-oriented of brushless motor microcontroller design is also presented. The electrical requirements of the controller (voltage, current, frequency) influence the section of components is fully developed and used to illustrate these methods.



The E-Wheel™ received so many praises from all over the world as well as in the Milan Design Event

The ‘E-Wheel’ is a new type of pedal electric cycle that is integrated all in one, and using technology the accessory is remotely controlled from a mobile phone or other console device, the lightweight product is made from eco friendly materials and enables faster transportation around the city streets.
— Birgit Lohmann – LDA Judge/CEO/Chief Editor at Designboom
The high-tech E-Wheel – created by Phuoc Nguyen, a Vietnamese mechanical design engineering student – can be fixed to conventional bike frames to boost pedal power, with wireless technology also enabling remote control usage.
— Danielle Demetriou – British journalist
E-Wheel by Phuoc Nguyen is a redesigned pedal electric cycle (pedelec), that offers riders new experiments when pedaling. It can be integrated into conventional or folding bicycles and uses wireless tech for remote control and battery charge.
— Nanette Wong – Design Milk Magazine
Really like your bike wheel design. Any chance to purchase one?
— Robert Duenner – Senior Vice President, Wealth Advisor at Morgan Stanley
…This project could be a revolution in alternative drives for E-bikes. I wish you all the best for your future and I hope you will have many excellent ideas like this one…
— Roland Schneider – Mechanical R&D Engineer, Continental Automotive GmbH


E-Wheel™ by Phuoc Nguyen.

The licenses of JMAG Designer® were supported by JSOL Corporation and distributed by New System Vietnam Co. Ltd.

E-Wheel™ was pressed and published by designboom magazine, Autodesk Inc., Toyota Motor Corporation.

The author would like to express sincerest thanks and appreciation to many individuals, companies, etc. who have contributed to this project. Among these are: Dr. Le Khanh Dien (thesis supervisor); Bui Le Hung (New System Vietnam Co. Ltd); JSOL Corporation (Japan); Bjørn Wittenberg (Autodesk Inc. USA); Steve Sprague (Sale Manager of Proto Laminations Inc. USA); Maki Kurihara and Manabu Kudo (Lexus Design Award Secretariat Office, Tokyo, Japan);Publisher Diplomica Verlag GmbH (Germany); Nguyen Hoang Tri (Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education); Ho Nhat Hung, Ngo Xuan Nghiem, To Dien Son, Dang Thi Bich Ngoc, Ly Thanh Long, Le Hoang Phong (Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology); Dao Doc Truong, Quach Dinh Bao, Tran Le Ngoc Linh (Ho Chi Minh City University of Science); Dinh Nho Ngoc Lam (FPT-Arena Multimedia); Vu Viet Hung (John von Neumann Institute – VNUHCM); Phan Thi Ngoc Mai (Vital System Technology Pte. Ltd. Vietnam RO) and Phan Tan Hoa. Finally, special recognition goes out to my family, to my farther, my mother and my younger brother, thank all three of you and love you more than you will ever know.